General terms and conditions OUTBOUND KITETRAVEL

A Introduction conditions
These traveler conditions apply to all journeys that you book with travel agency / travel agent Outbound Kitetravel from 1 November 2018. When you book a trip with Outbound Kitetravel, you agree to our conditions. These general terms and conditions are also traveler conditions. You agree with the terms and conditions of our partners for your trip. In other words: With the conditions of the party that actually executes your agreement. All the above conditions apply to the booker, fellow travelers and other directly involved parties. It is therefore important that you have read these conditions carefully before making a booking. In addition, Outbound Kitetravel assumes that you have read the information on our website and all the information in our e-mail (-s).

B Kitesurf travel agency –
We act as Travel Agent and Agency (travel agency). We are not a tour operator but a mediator (broker) and (travel) agent for our partners, namely: Dakhla Attitude & Westpoint Hotel & Boutique hotel PK25 – Dakhla. White Wind resort, WindTown, Blue Bayou – Brazil Villa Rodrigo / KiteSurfingLanka (KSL) / KiteSurfing Mannar (KSM) (vayu resort) Sri Lanka. Apartments: Boa Vista (bobbywashere) – Apartments: Tarifa (Girls Love Boards) – Tarifa Apartments: BarefootBeachHouse – The Netherlands
Explora watersports/ KiteWorldWide appartement – Essaouira, Morocco.
The above mentioned parties are hereafter: our partner(-s).
We can make a reservation for you as a travel agent. We make the agreement between you and the service provider you choose (our partner (s)) and any other parties. As an agent we are therefore not a party to the eventual agreement. You do not have a right of withdrawal with regard to the reservation made in your order to which the general terms and conditions apply.

As a travel agent we are not liable for the correct execution of the service or service reserved by us for you. The conditions of the relevant service provider (or partner(-s)) apply to this. As an agent, we are, of course, responsible for the careful execution of the service provided by us, such as correct advice and the correct processing of the reservation.
As a travel agent we can charge an amount on the services we provide, such as administration or booking costs. We must inform you about this in advance.

C General information about Outbound Kitetravel:
Outbound Kitetravel (onderdeel van ENVI) Postal adress: Stuartstraat 32, 1815BS Alkmaar KVK: 57493073 – BTW: NL852604749B01 –
IBAN: NL50 BUNQ 2034 2279 72 – Bank: Bunq, BIC/Swift: BUNQNL2AXXX
Tel: +31 (0)6 19 01 59 72 e-Mail:
Office hours: Mon-Fri  09:00 en 17:00 (phone or by appointment made) with exception of the Dutch holidays and days with over 25knots 😉
We respond within 2 office days. However, no rights can be derived if no response is received within 2 working days due to unforeseen circumstances.

D Publication
The availability as published on our website is an indication. When a trip (stay) is requested, we always need to check the latest availability with our partner(-s) before we can make an offer (quotation) and you can make a reservation. Any errors in a brochure, route, social media, advertisement or any other publication will be corrected by notification z.s.m. No rights can be derived from any errors as well as from any errors made on the offer (quotation).
Outbound Kitetravel can not be held liable for information on photos, folders, advertisements, websites and other information carriers that have been prepared / published by third parties.


E Privacy
For booking a trip / stay, requesting information or quotation, Outbound Kitetravel needs your details. Your data will be handled with care by Outbound Kitetravel. Your data will not be provided to third parties other then the party who will eventually carry out the services booked. We retain the personal data – which is necessary for a booking – no longer than necessary for the purpose of processing and administration. Some of the data can be archived for statistical purposes. In addition to the things mentioned above; we pass on the information, such as personal data, to our partner(-s) which will execute your agreement. More information about Privacy can be found in our privacy statement.

F Booking Process and booking confirmation
From the moment you asked us to make the booking and/ or you have passed on all the necessary information and/ or  you agree with the quotation and with it the general terms and conditions, we start the booking.
The booking becomes final when we use the term “final booking” and/ or when we have given the green light to pay the payment, as stated on the invoice.
For definite bookings, we use the term final booking.

From the moment that green light is given for payment (by sending the invoice), the booking is definitive and there is therefore a definitive booking that can no longer be canceled free of charge. Keep in mind that a cancellation of a reservation is never free of charge. Read more about this in section K – Cancellation.


If payment can not be made by the customer within the payment term – as indicated in the mail / invoice – Outbound Kitetravel reserves the right to cancel the booking even if the booking has already been confirmed. For other information see section L payments & section on other liability. If Outbound Kitetravel has not received payment or proof of the payment order within the specified period, Outbound Kitetravel reserves the right to cancel the final booking.
The booking is completed, when the (purchase) payment has been received / when proof of payment has been received, and you have received notice of this from us.


By making a booking (request) you consent to the processing of your personal data for the purpose of this booking.
These personal data are processed by Outbound Kitetravel and the partner(-s) involved. You can read more about this in our privacy statement. For example: You make a booking with us for an apartment on Boa Vista, then we send the data such as name and mail to the host on location that manages the apartments. For example: You make a booking with us for a stay at the Dakhla Lagoon. The booking details + payment details are also processed by the hotel concerned.


For the booking we always need your information in time, at least full names (as mentioned in your passport), e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. You state the details about your own physical and mental condition and about the traveler(-s) you have registered who may have an influence or interest in the proper execution of the services by our partner(-s). Failure to comply with this information obligation, may have consequences for the trip / stay. Any costs involved in this will be charged to you.

Replacement of a traveller is possible for a booking, when the conditions are not violated. You can have yourself replaced by another, you do this up to 7 days before departure and all requested data will be passed on in a timely manner. For possible changes shorter than 28 days in advance, we charge € 25 change costs. You and the person you replace are jointly and severally liable for the payment of the remaining part of the travel sum, the change costs, the surcharges and other costs as a result of the replacement. At your request we make the costs transparent.

G Pricing
Outbound Kitetravel works with prices that are in line with the prices offered by our partners. All prices can be found at the various destinations. The prices shown may deviate by a maximum of 8%, but only if this increase in costs can be attributed to: Increasing the cost price of fuel; increase the cost price of others energy sources; increase in taxes; increase of fees from third parties involved and fees for third parties that depend on other increases such as increases in tourist taxes. The booking can therefore exceptionally be more expensive.

H Liability
The person who books a trip is jointly and severally liable. So he/ she is ultimately responsible (also for all others that he / she registers).

I Minors
By making the booking, the minor traveler declares to have received permission from parents and / or guardians.


J Change a booking
After the invoice has been drawn up, you can change a few things up to 28 days before departure (if the desired change is still possible). For each change € 25, – change costs will be charged plus any additional costs resulting from the change. The booking can be changed by the partner(-s) or by Outbound Kitetravel if the change is clear and has been transferred to the head booker in a clear and understandable way. This change can not then be rejected.

K Cancellation
A cancellation must be reported in writing within 3 days, after the event that cancels the trip entirely (or partially). Please note that a cancellation is never free of charge (exceptions aside). You are only entitled to a (partial) refund of the travel sum to your insurer (when insured) if you have taken out cancellation insurance yourself with an insurance company such as sports insurance and for a valid reason. Outbound Kitetravel can only accept a cancellation if it has been submitted in writing by the head booker. A fellow traveler is not jointly and severally liable and can therefore not report cancellation.

When it considers a definitive booking (see F bookings) a cancellation can no longer take place free of charge. We charge € 25, – cancellation costs plus the additional costs of cancellation. The amount of these costs depends on the cancellation period and the conditions from our partners that should’ve executed your trip. If you want to cover this risk, we advise you to take out (separate) cancellation insurance for the trip.

We are not responsible for the damage suffered when there is a cancellation from our partner(-s) or us as a broker / mediator or agent with the reason for insolvency of the party that will execute the agreement (or part thereof). If you want to cover this risk, we advise you to take out (separate) cancellation insurance for the trip.

We are not responsible for the damage suffered when there is a cancellation from our partner (-s) or us as a mediator / agent with the reason natural disasters or political unrest as a result of which the partner (-s) can not properly execute the agreement feed. If you want to cover this risk, we advise you to take out (separate) cancellation insurance for the trip.


Cancellation of a group trip (partly) executed by Outbound Kitetravel
For some trips a minimum participation is required, the minimum number of participants is indicated on the website and / or social media. Until a few days before departure this trip can still be canceled or moved.


L Payments
Payments for bookings at WestPoint hotel Dakhla, Boutique Hotel PK25 Dakhla & Dakhla Attitude must be made in full by payment link e-mail or bank transfer to Morocco to the relevant partner. The transfer costs must be shared (check this option with your online bank transfer). These payments must be paid within 48 hours after sending the invoice/ payment request, unless stated otherwise in mail or on invoice. As proof, a proof of payment must be submitted in the form of a ‘message SWIFT’ code with which the payment can be traced.


The full payments or payments for trips that you book with us as an agent, mediator / broker with our other partners, must be paid via bank transfer to our account number. This amount must be paid (within 2 weeks) after invoice date (unless stated otherwise on the invoice). This is also at least two weeks before the travel date.


Always wait with the payment, until we give you the call to do so (for example by means of an e-mail with the final invoice). After receipt of the (purchase) payment that has come about after a call for this, the booking is completed. The cancellation conditions apply at all times (see L Cancellation) and apply to all final and definate bookings.


Any other payment will be made on location, for which the main booker is responsible and liable. You will receive information about payment methods by e-mail and you can find information about this on our website.
After payment changes can no longer be made just like that (see changing the booking).

If you do not pay on time, you may owe interest on the amount due from the date of default. The amount of this interest is announced by us to the head booker. If payment is not made, payment reminders will follow. We have the right to cancel the final booking in the event of late payment.
The extrajudicial costs involved in sending a reminder amount to 15% of the invoiced amount for an amount up to € 2,500 and 5% for an amount up to € 5,000. We may deviate in your favor from the above percentages.

Any other payment will be made on location, for which the main booker is responsible and liable. You will receive information about payment methods by e-mail.
After payment changes can no longer be made just like that (see changing the booking).

M Confirmation and Paperwork
When Outbound Kitetravel or one of our partner(-s) has received the entire (purchase) payment, Outbound Kitetravel sends a confirmation e-mail (if desired).
You must bring your invoice (invoice and / or voucher) to the destination!
If you wish to receive the paper version of the invoice by post, you will be charged € 5, – for this. You must also check the details of the invoice / confirmation for correctness. If something does not match what has been booked, you should contact Outbound Kitetravel as soon as possible.
Usually, Outbound Kitetravel sends an e-mail with the latest information a week before departure. If you unexpectedly have not received this information at least 5 days in advance, please report this immediately to the travel agent and agent, Outbound Kitetravel.
Any other payment will be made on location, for which the main booker is responsible and liable. You will receive information about payment methods by e-mail.
After payment changes can no longer be made just like that (see changing the booking).


N Cooling Down Period
Outbound Kitetravel points out that bookings you make via the internet are definitive. The so-called cooling-off period on distance selling in the law, does not apply to our bookings.


O Own risk and misconduct
It is the customer, participant / booker, knows that participating in (kitesurfing) activities or services such as packages and kitesurf trips / holidays risks are connected.
Booking and participation take place at your own risk at all times.
The participant can not hold the organization / provider liable for damage in the form and caused by whatever cause.
In case of misbehavior or non-compliance with the instructions of the organization or personnel of the location concerned, the participant can be excluded from further participation in the (kitesurfing) arrangements without refund of (a part of) the fare. Something like this is at the discretion of the staff of the relevant location and Outbound Kitetravel.


Travel preparation
It is forbidden to travel with an expired passport or identity card. In some countries your passport needs to be valid for a certain number of months after returning home. You have to find out for yourself. You are therefore responsible for obtaining additional information about passports and requiring visas. You are also responsible for checking yourself in time before departure, whether the information obtained has not been changed in the meantime. Our website can help you, for example because you can find links from government websites and visa providers. Our blog articles can also help with finding out aspects of vaccinations and travel insurance policies. You are (ultimately) responsible for the correct preparation such as vaccination and (travel) insurance. So: Either if you have the Dutch nationality, or not: you should always check with the embassy of the country where you want to travel if you need a visa. Having the right travel documents is your responsibility at all times. Outbound Kitetravel can not be held responsible for this.


P Help and assistance
The organization / partner(-s) provide reasonable assistance and assistance within their possibilities if you are in trouble. The help consists of information and advice about medical services and authorities. If the difficulties are due to negligence or intent of the traveler(-s) involved in this booking, any costs incurred will be charged to the principal booker.

As a travel agent, mediator/ broker, we are not liable for the correct execution of the service or service reserved by us: The conditions of the involved
service provider (or partner (-s)) are applied.
As an agent and mediator/ broker, we are, of course, responsible for the careful execution of the service provided by us, such as correct advice and the correct processing of the reservation.
The traveler is at all times liable for all damage caused by the traveler to himself or to third parties. The traveler is also always liable for damage caused to the site or any vegetation and furniture present.


Q Complaint handling
Notification of complaints on location should – in this order – be reported to:
1. The relevant service provider (partner (s)) (on location) 2. The tour guide, if any (this is present) 3. The organizer (agent / mediator).
As an agent, mediator/ broker, we will always fulfill our duty of care and do everything in our power to resolve any complaints. If complaints are not submitted in time, we can decide not to take them into consideration. In case of dissatisfaction with the accommodation or organization, we need to receive written information and notification as soon as possible.
We try to rectify irregularities. If a shortcoming on location is not satisfactorily resolved, we will then register (complaints report), but the executing party (partner (s)) will always be liable for the shortcoming and not the mediator or agent (Outbound kitetravel). If a destination does not meet the expectations, Outbound Kitetravel is not responsible or reliable for this. No rights can be derived from the information on the website / brochures / social media / advertisements. However, any errors will be rectified after notification, where and when possible.


R Lessons (and other services)
The wind / kitesurf (SUP / Wakeboard etc.) lessons reserved by us are only performed during safe conditions. This is for assessment by the staff of the partner (-s) and third parties involved. When the circumstances are not ok to proceed, and the lessons or other services are canceled, an alternative will be offered if possible. Always in accordance with the general terms and conditions of our partner (s) and any third parties involved.
Outbound Kitetravel can never be held responsible when the services such as lessons could not have taken place during your stay. A kitesurfing-alternative can be for example: Water start practice behind the 2.0 wakeboard cable. If the traveler (customer) does not want this, he / she (or the head booker) must declare this independently after which, at the end of the holiday, a voucher will be issued by the partner for the vacant hours if possible. The voucher is usually valid for 1 year and can not be transferred to other people.

S Other liability
Outbound Kitetravel must explicitly confirm the booking. For example, by sending an invoice and / or talking about a final booking. The complete terms and conditions as well as the conditions of our partners(-s) and executing parties, apply at all times.
Outbound Kitetravel is not responsible for data that has been incorrectly passed on by the head booker. Likewise, Outbound Kitetravel can not be held liable for any errors, changes and costs that have arisen as a result of sending inaccurate and / or incomplete data. Data in e-mail must always be checked for accuracy by the customer.
Outbound Kitetravel is not responsible for changes, defects and shortcomings of the carriers, airline(-s) and airports, such as transfers, delays and damage to luggage.
Also, Outbound Kitetravel is not responsible for errors made by the partners mentioned on the website, taking care of the visas or flights.
Be on time at all times and arrange in time the right documents such as a visa and a passport that is valid long enough.

Messages should always be handled with care and data should be treated confidentially by all parties on behalf of Outbound Kitetravel and our partner (-s).

The general terms and conditions of any involved airlines / external booking sites for airline tickets, the general terms and conditions of our partner (-s) and those of any third parties involved are applicable at all times. Just like the general terms and conditions of Outbound Kitetravel.


Copyright, Outbound Kitetravel. Part of ENVI. 01-2019.




please note:  On the invoice and on our website you’ll find which terms and conditions apply on your booking. At all times we comply with our duty of care as a travel agent for your booking.