Morocco, Dakhla – “PK25”

Best wind: march - november
From €57,- p.p.p.n. based on full board with 4 people in a bungalow.


English, French, Arabic

Dirham (MAD), Euro

Spot Highlights

Over 300 days wind per year on this flat/ choppy kitesurf spot.
The kitesurf spot at PK25 Dakhla offers loads of space and is obstacle free.
This luxury kite surfers stay in Dakhla is ideal for couples or families.
Plage Trouke 25, 25 Km، P1100, 73000
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What do we offer?

Looking for a luxury kitesurfers stay in Dakhla? PK25 Dakhla offers a stay in the one and only boutique hotel in Dakhla. Book your stay on a full board basis, including airport transfers, WiFi, towels and bedlinen. Expect your stay to be directly on the lagoon (kitesurf spot) in a spacious “boho-chic dressed” bungalow with seating in front of the door from where you can look over the lagoon.


At PK25 there is one type of bungalow of 42m2, perfect for couples, families or friends.
These bungalows have a large double bed and two sofa-beds. There is also a wardrobe and bathroom with large shower, washbasin and a separate toilet.
The hotel has a comfortable bar where they prepare the most delicious cocktails for you.
You can also play a game of poolbiljarts or watch television.

Most importantly: At this luxury kitesurfers stay Dakhla, you’ll be staying directly at Dakhla’s best kitesurf spot!

Book a luxury kite surfers stay in a lagoon view bungalow from €56,75 p.p.p.n. (4 person occupation) (full board)

Wondering what your options are regarding kitesurfing and staying in comfort and luxury at the Dakhla Lagoon?
Send us a message via the form below or via our instagram, all free of obligation!

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More about Dakhla

Dakhla is a small town with restaurants, shops, a market / night market and a doctor’s post plus hospital. The town of Dakhla is, in our opinion, not comparable to touristy-places such as Taghazout or Marrakesh. Hotel Dakhla Attitude is about 40 minutes drive from the city center of Dakhla.

We can arrange city trips for you from this luxury kitesurfers hotel at the Dakhla lagoon!

Currency and methods of payment

The currency in Dakhla, Morocco, is the Dirham.
You can pay in Dakhla with this Dirham and in more and more places you can also pay with your regular debit card. In PK25 hotel you pay with a mastercard, debit card or cash in Dirham or Euro.

arrival and departure

As your travel agency, we’ll arrange your airport transfers to this luxury kitesurfers stay in Dakhla.
You will be picked up from the airport and taken to the hotel. You can recognize the staff by the signs with the hotel logo, in this case the hotel PK25 logo.

Fly to Dakhla Airport (“VIL”) for your kitesurfing holiday at the Dakhla lagoon!

Royal Air Maroc has daily flights from Amsterdam and Brussels and this airline allows you to bring your boarding bag for free. But keep in mind the maximum number of kilos and dimensions: 23kg, 220x40x40.

Kitesurfing at PK25 Dakhla  – Spotguide

Go the the flatwaters of the lagoon, in front of your doorstep!
Kitesurfing can be done in the mornings, afternoons and evenings.
Enjoy riding on a big flat to choppy area and make lots of progress. There is a kite & surfing school!
» Dakhla Lagoon.  Side – Shore (Side On Shore) – Beginners to (advanced) – Right in front of the door – Downwinders – Storage, Assistance + showers available.
» Speedspot .  Off-shore – (advanced) – 10 min downwind or 10 min. on the tractor – Super flat – Rescue service available.
» Oum Lamboiur.  Wavespot – Side (On) Shore – Advanced – Swell (Sept-May) 1-2 mtr – Barrels – Surfcenter present (WestPoint hotel).
» Pointe De l’Or.  Wavespot- Most close to Attitude – Strapless (learning) kiting – 20 min drive from Attitude
» Jorf El Hmam.  Wavespot – Beautiful beach – Multiple spotlights ; Right and left running waves.


Wind & Forecast

Best season: February – October
Peak season: April – August
Type kitesurfer Beginners Intermediate Freestyle Freeride

Other activities

As PK25 Dakhla is the sister hotel of hotel Dakhla Attitude, the facilities offered by Attitude are also accessible to PK25 hotel guests. Like:
SPA Whether it’s about doing your nails, your skin (waxing) or a facial. Everything is lovely at the wellness center next to the sports center of Dakhla Attitude. You can also go here for a delicious Hammam experience. Note: Massages can be done at this luxury kitesurfers hotel Dakhla: in your own bungalow! How nice is that?!
Surfing About 15 minutes drive away is the surf spot. In the front you can learn to surf on the white foam. In the back break waves of average 1.5-2.0 meters high.
Dakhla (city) trip Visit the town of Dakhla. Walk around the market and buy local delicacies.
Boat trip Join the excursion to Dragon Island. This island is still complete as it has ever been found. Full of stones and beautiful shells (bring shoes!).

For all activities, you can take a look at the information at hotel Attitude. Or, contact us all free of obligation with the form you find on this page. 



At Outbound we love our planet and I’m sure you do too.

The luxury kitesurfers hotel PK25 Dakhla is, like it’s sister hotels Attitude and Westpoint, eco-friendly. So they filter the waste water what they then use to keep garden green. In addition, the bungalows are largely made of the material that is locally available: Sand.

Tip: make your kitesurfing holiday to Dakhla lagoon more sustainable. Bring your own bottle to refill for free! This way, you’ll save not only euros, but also an average of at least 10 plastic bottles!


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