We have listed the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) for you.

  • Why book via Outbound Kitetravel? Can't I just book myself?

    A booking made with Outbound is a tailor made booking with an expert & specialized kitesurfing travel agency: your holiday is in good hands with us. We arrange the booking with easy correspondence. And, without extra costs such as AirBnB which charges for cleaning for example. We charge the same prices as our partners -the hotels and schools we work with-.
    Booking with us is not more expensive, but it is easier.

    Do you want a group trip? Or do you want a quiet holiday with the family? Are you traveling alone, with your friend or with a group of friends? Would you like to take kitesurfing lessons? Renting equipment? Everything is possible!

    We are ready to answer all your questions and make a suitable trip.

    Outbound Kitetravel:
    Easy. Clear. Honestly.

    Want to read more? Read “Why Outbound”.

  • What can I book with Outbound Kitetravel?

    You can book accommodations at the best spots all over the world: from villa to tent & from apartment to hotel.
    We are experienced experts and therefore know everything about the destinations we offer.
    Whether you are a beginner, traveling with your family or (far) advanced, we have a suitable destination and suitable accommodation.

    In addition to accommodation, you can also book kitesurfing lessons, rental equipment and other sports such as yoga and surfing lessons with us.

    Finally, we also offer transfers: we arrange for you to travel from hotel to hotel – or from airport to hotel!

  • How can I book with Outbound Kitetravel?

    There are several ways to book with us!
    You can read here about the steps we take to organise your holiday or trip.

    The easiest and most common way to book is by sending a request via the form in the side-bar, when you are looking at one of our destinations.
    You can also use the form on the page, if you already know in which period you would like to leave.
    After we have received your request, we will send you a quote and answer any questions you may have. Once we have received your approval within the time limit, we will be able to proceed with the booking and we will complete everything so that you can prepare for your kitesurfing trip without a care in the world!

    You can also make an appointment! This can be done by phone or in Alkmaar our flex-office. You can also make a booking request, make a book or just have a consultation for tips and advice.

    More information about the booking process and the invoice can be found in our general terms and conditions and at how it works.

    You can also send us a social media message via instagram, facebook or whatsapp. Put your wishes and preferences in it and we will send you an advice with any suitable offer for your kitesurfing trip! Check out our facebook and instagram here!

  • Pricing + Whats included?

    Because we offer various types of accommodation, we have placed icons so that you can see what is included and what the possibilities are.

    You can generally expect the following for our destinations:

    Dakhla Attitude & WestPoint & PK25 hotel Dakhla:
    These prices are inclusive: Cleaning (once every 1-2 days), bed linen, towels, breakfast lunch and dinner from the buffet or served (full board), water with meals (and re-fill with own bottle), parking, airport-transfers, wavespot/ lagoon transfers, WiFi.

    The prices are, both high and low season, exclusive:

    Storage fee (safe for your gear and assistance + service on the spot) á 9euro per person per day (Attitude + PK25). New bottles of water & Christmas + New Year’s dinner fairy

    Sal Rei apartments, Boa Vista:
    For Boa Vista apartments, towels, bed linen and airport pick-up are included.

    White Wind resort & Windtown, Brazil
    The prices are inclusive: Bed linen, towels, swimming pool, storage, (beach boy assistance,) breakfast buffet and in the afternoon coffee, tea and cake (the latter applies only to White Wind).

    Tarifa, Spain
    The prices are inclusive: Bed linen, free use of kitchen, living room etc. kite storage, use of longboards.
    Exclusive: Meals.

    Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands
    The prices are inclusive: Bed linen, towels, use of kitchen/shower, parking on the path, kite storage, use of BBQ, dune steps (2x).
    Exclusive: Meals, tourist tax.

    KSL & Vayu, Sri Lanka
    The prices are inclusive: Full board, bed linen, towels, kite storage, WiFi and coffee + tea during the day.

  • What if there is no wind, during my stay?

    Of course you can always have bad luck. Fortunately, all our locations have plenty of activities to do.
    You can read more about this on our blog and general terms and conditions (under lessons). A small selection of the activities: Surfing, SUP, Quad riding, Yoga, Wakeboarding, BBQ’s on location, sandboarding, mountain biking, yoga, crossfit….. Send us a message or discover on our website which activities are possible and where.

    Have you booked lessons? Then you will receive either a voucher or a fun no-wind activity (see general terms and conditions).

  • Which flight do I take?

    That depends on where you want to go 😉

    But no fooling around; we like to take a look at flights with you. In general, we advise you to book a flight via a ticket comparison website such as skyscanner or FLY GREEN.
    Whether you need a visa, or what you have to take into account in terms of etiquette on kitesurfing holiday you can often find on our blog.

  • Which insurance do I need?

    A travel insurance is always recommended! Please note that your travel insurance covers extreme sports such as kite surfing. In addition, we recommend a cancellation insurance because you can cancel your trip if for health or private reasons you can no longer join. On location you can often take out an insurance for renting kitesurfing equipment.

  • What happens when I cancel my trip?

    Outbound Kitetravel is not responsible for any costs incurred due to cancellation: please note the time frame in which you cancel when you cancel. Below you can see what costs you risk with a cancellation at Dakhla Attitude, PK25 and WestPoint:

    NO SHOW: 100% of the remaining total travel sum to be paid to the hotel in question + any additional costs such as costs for a money transfer abroad.
    Less than 7 days in advance: 100% of the remaining total travel sum to be paid to the hotel in question + any additional costs such as costs for a money transfer abroad.
    15 – 8 days in advance: 50% of the total travel sum to be paid to the hotel in question + any additional costs such as costs for a money transfer abroad.
    30 – 16 days in advance: 30% of the total travel sum to be paid to the hotel in question + any additional costs such as costs for a money transfer abroad.
    More than 30 days in advance: No cancellation fees.
    Note: At our destinations in Sri Lanka you always have to pay 50% of the total amount in case of cancellation.
    The costs for our other locations are similar.

    More information about cancelling can be found in our terms and conditions.

  • Terms and Conditions

    The general terms and conditions of Outbound Kitetravel apply to the trip and booking. The terms and conditions of our partners, also apply at all times when booking to one or more of these destinations.The terms and conditions of the executing partner always apply as well. For more info please read all the terms and conditions info which you can find in the footer of our website.