Where to go in which month of the year, to be assured of a windy holiday?!
One of the questions we get often: When Kite Where?!¬† That’s why we wrote this blog, to provide you with a handy list of windy destinations for each month. A kitesurfing holiday planner!

What to expect in this article?

You’ll find a list of windy destinations for each month of the year. That way you can easily see when you should be kiteboarding where! Also, you can see which windy destinations for kitesurfing you can book through us -without any extra fees or cost!
Find out When to kite Where! And find out more about the kite conditions at the following destinations:

  • Cape Verde
  • Dakhla
  • Brazil
  • Netherlands
  • Spain

Also you’ll find an overview of the sources i’ve used to write about month/ season and windy destinations suitable for your kite holiday.

Let’s start with the main overview:
Under this picture you’ll vind a list that will answer the “When Kite Where” question for sure!

Please note these are highlighted destinations; there are other windy parts of the world as well, but this overview is nice, brief and windy!

Wanneer waar kiten: Medemblik

Highlighted When-Kite-Where destinations

January РCape Verde*, South Africa (CPT), Philippines , Tarifa*, Costa Rica*, NZ (West coast), Aruba, Bonaire, Kenia, Vietnam, Dom. Republic*,  Sri Lanka* (2nd wind season).
February¬†– Cape Verde*,¬† Bonaire, Costa Rica*, USA (Florida)*, South Africa (CPT), Kenia, Thailand,¬†Tarifa*, and some may say Zanzibar…
March РCape Verde*, Tarifa*,  USA (Florida)*, Belize, Mexico, Colombia, Carib (Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire), Morocco (Dakhla)*.
April РCape Verde*, Barbados, Dubai, Kenia, Montenegro, Tarifa*, Morocco (Dakhla)*, France(Bretagne)
May РMorocco (Dakhla)*, France (amongst: Wissant)*, Tarifa*, the Greek islands (amongst: Rhodos*), Morocco (Essaouira)*.
June РSri Lanka*, USA (the Gorge)*, Peru, Turkey, FuerteVentura Island*, Morocco (Essaouira)*Dom. Republic*,  Tarifa*, Morocco (Dakhla)*, Spain (Ibiza)*,Morocco (Essaouira)*.
July РSri Lanka*,  Brazil*, Dom. Republic*, USA (The Gorge)*, FuerteVentura Island*, Tarifa*, Oman, Morocco (Dakhla)*,Spain (Ibiza)*,Morocco (Essaouira)*.
August РSri Lanka*,  Brazil*, Dom. Republic*, USA (The Gorge)*, FuerteVentura Island*, Peru, Chili, Tarifa*, Maui, Oman, Indo, Morocco (Dakhla)*, Spain (Ibiza)*.
September РSri Lanka*,  Brazil*, Germany*, Cabarete*, Mauritius, Madagascar, Tarifa*, Morocco (Dakhla)*,Spain (Ibiza)*,Morocco (Essaouira)*.
October РMorocco (Dakhla)*,  Brazil*, Germany*,  Sweden, USA (Cape Hatteras), Ireland, Tarifa*, Netherlands*.
November РBrazil*,  New Caledonia, Hong Kong, South Africa (CPT), Mexico (La Ventana), Netherlands*.
December  РBrazil*, South Africa (CPT), NZ (west coast), Japan, Boracay, Cape Verde*, Aruba, Curacao,  Bonaire*.

The destinations with a star (*) are the destinations where we’ve been.
And/ Or destinations where we have good accommodations for your next kitesurfing holiday! Click the star for more information about the location. 

You can ask us anything about these windy kitesurf destinations.
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Also, this list + more destinations you can find on our KITESURFER CALENDAR

Kite Calendar


Also Also…
Check out the map below for more insights in where you can kite when:

Our locations and destinations

Below you can find information about “When Kite Where” but then specified for our destinations.
As you know, you can book your kitesurfing holiday through us, without any extra agency fees or cost! The best price and easy to acces information + quick and clear correspondence.

Kitesurf lesson zandvoort

Boa Vista, Cape Verde.

Consistant wind, a mixture of freeride, freestyle and wave. And SUN guaranteed as well. These are some of the ‘pros’ according to Stoked Publications’ Kite&Windsurf guide.

You’ll be wearing a shorty wetsuit (or maybe even a lycra only!) from january until may. During windy season it’s approx. 25 degrees Celcius.

The Windy Season of Cape Verde: From October/ November on, it’s OK. But the season really starts in December and continues until April. In May and June you can still be lucky wind-wise for your kitesurfing holiday.

Dakhla and Essaouira, Morocco.

Sweet wind statistics AND a nice swell. That are two ‘pros’ according to the Wind & Kitesurf Guide published by Stoked Publications.

Dakhla has good winds for the bigger part of the year. Although chances of good wind every day, decrease in the wintermonths (november – february). During summer you are in for a real treat, if you like strong winds! Personally, we prefer spring and fall. Especially in september and october, it’s not too crowded and still windy: Perfect to kite here at the lagoon or along the coastline..
NOTE if you want to stay during spring, you have to book on time! Most accommodations will sell out in december (already!)

During the whole year you can ride in a 3/2mm wetsuit. During summer a shorty is okay. During winter some will prefer a 4/3mm wetsuit.

Essaouira is still a pretty rad “hidden gem” if you ask us! Conditions are not ideal for all riders (no super big lagune, but waves, chop and winds can be gusty). But that all levels up with all the other stuff oyu can do in this sunny colorful city! Go to the nightmarket, grab a drink at a bar and have some proper Moroccon food <3¬† Also: don’t forget to go surfing. Often conditions are epic!
A 4/3mm or 3/2mm wetsuit is fine.

Cumbuco/ Ilha do Guajir√ļ,¬† Brazil.

Reliable wind and nice and warm. Doesn’t that sound appealing?! These are two of the “pros” according to not only the Kite and Windsurf guide but according to all of us basically ..
The beautiful coastline offers various spots; lagunes, sea, choppy, waves…
The temperature will be around 30 degrees Celcius during the kite season. So yes; you won’t be needing a wetsuit!
Want to learn more about Brazil? Follow us on facebook or send us a DM!

Dakhla 2020

Spain, Tarifa.

In Tarifa there are “two kinds” of wind: Levante (East) and Poniente (West). The first one blows 24hrs a day and can go on for weeks! This wind comes from the inlands and is warmer. When these winds blow, waves are unlikely. Normally this wind is pretty strong!
Poniente comes form the sea and is less powerfull. This is the predominant direction for the wintermonths. With an average 4bft cross-onshore, this wind is pretty consistant.
During summer (june – sept) Levante is predominant. , en is vaak minder krachtig.

To most, Tarifa is known as the “Wind Captial” of Europe. With approx. more then 300 days of wind, Tarifa is a pretty safe bet for your windy kitesurf holiday destination (year round). Check out our accommodation to find out more about Tarifa and the housing we offer.

Kitesurf house Tarifa


Holland, or The Netherlands, are not well known for their comfy outside temperatures from October till February. But note the summersun warmed up the North Sea during the past few months so these waters never get really REALLY cold. A 4/3 mm wetsuit during summer and a 5/4 wetsuit during winter is still recommended though. Why you should go kitesurfing in Holland!? Those epic storms during fall and winter, the rough North Sea, having the spot to yourself, waves, kickers… Do we need to say more? Also we have some decent flat water spots that offer good conditions for freestyle and freeride.
Click here to find out what locations we offer for your stay in the Netherlands! 


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We used the Kite & Windsurfguide (Stoked publications). A superb book to discover the best windy destionations and to get fully updated about when to kite where! Also you find handy listings about temperatures, seasons and more…
Alongside of this guide, we used stats from Windfinder and WindGuru as well as our own experiences.

Writen – 2017-12.
Updated – 2019-12


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