Kitesurfer jumper – and more garments & gifts

Kitesurfer jumper for man and women

The kitesurfer jumpers in our webshop are unisex. They’re garments that’ll always remain relevant mainly because the quality is super high.

Except for a jumper for kitesurfers in different designs and variaties, we also have some kitesurfer t-shirts in stock!

For both man and women we have a small print run of high quality garments.

kitesurfer trui man

kitesurfer trui unisex


The designs are specially made for our webshop. And therefore one-of-a-kind!  echt one-of-a-kind! Inspired on the different disciplines in kiteboarding such as freeride and big air/ storm. Aside of that a lot of the inspiration comes from (old) rock songs such as the Doors, koRn and Bobby McFerrin!

kitesurfer bag

Other specs about the kitesurf jumper and our other garments & gifts.

We ship through big parts of Europe. We have different designs and all our items are limited edition. We try to make sure the products are as sustainable as can be. The kitesurfer jumper and other garmets such as the kitesurfer t-shirts in our webshop are print locally (supporting the local small company) and on sustainable material. From old collections of surfbrands such as Billabong to Stanley/Stella – who’ll make super high quality, sustainable and timeless  (kitesurfer) jumpers and bags.  

kitesurfer jumper

Travel must haves for kitesurfers

Except for a kitesurfer bag, a kitesurfer jumper in different designs and various kite t-shirts, we also have some neet kite travel must haves!
What about a  dry-bag to keep your phone and care-key safe from water and sand?!
Or a floatable cap ?!
And of course our bamboo-tootbrushes! THE sustainable alternative for the plastic ones!

Strand la Redondela - dec 2019

floatable cap: Fuseta Portugal

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