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Mrs. Feisty

I met Lisanne several times on the water on several spots in the Netherlands. This girl is collaborating with PLKB, like us.  This inspiring kitegirl is the owner and founder of Mrs. Feisty. It’s her (personal) kitesurf blog.

I asked her a few questions about Mrs. Feisty blog and about her life.  I’d like to share it with the visitors of the Outbound Kitetravel travel-agency website, because I think it’s inspiring to see how other kitesurfers travel, work and shred.

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What is your morning routine, to get energized for a day of kitesurfing?

My ‘morning’ routine starts the evening before. Checking out forecast after forecast, minute after minute, getting hyped, tell everybody constantly about it, pack my stuff (and food) before midnight and instead of counting sheep, I’ll imagine which tricks I would like to try or land.
When I wake up, I check the forecast again before I get out of bed. If it’s good i’m bouncing around the house and I will wake up my morning-grumpy boyfriend, eat, poop, pee (at least 6 times), get ourselves in the car and turn on some great rock music on our way to the spot!


Where I wake up actually doesn’t really matter, as long as I know I’m about to kite! Yet.. a nice house, at a tropical, windy,
quiet place next to the spot wouldn’t be too bad.


What does a perfect day of kitesurfing and working look like for you?

The Mrs. Feisty blog is a hobby project. So my work actually has not much to do with kitesurfing.
So…  even though I like my job, you can “skip” the working part 😉  A perfect day exists out of steady wind, with a spot that fits that wind condition (I don’t care if its a beautiful flatwater spot or beautiful wave spot), a cheap place to chill/hang around so I can take a break and lots of food and water to stay energized & hydrated. Sun would be awesome as well as other kitegirls/ kitesurfers for some inspirational input. Tropical even better! Ride from dusk to dawn.


inspiring kitegirls mrs feisty

What are your goals for the future?

I’m sorry, I guess my stupid ass is just a bit too superstitious… Every time I tell someone about my goals & plans, they’re not going to happen anymore, but if I keep them to myself.. Then it’s all going as planned!! I don’t know. Guess it’s a bad eye thing or something… 

On of the mrs. Feisty blogs, you can find here:


How can we stay updated about all your kitegirls plans and adventures?

You can stay updated through my Instagram account: @MRSFEISTY & my website: MRSFEISTY.COM. But I’m the most active on Instagram for sure.


Inspiration and Images:  provided by Lisanne de Groot/ Mrs. Feisty via @svermex


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